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Concept X was formed by a number of artists, who have years of experience working in some of the top sculpting and model-making houses the UK has to offer, driven by a feeling that clients like yourselves were not getting the standard of quality and service that they require from existing companies.

As a company ran by creative people we feel that we are ideally suited to developing your ideas and accurately interpreting your desired character in to a quality product that is second to none.

We are familiar with many popular licences such as the Simpson's, Aardman, Disney, Harry Potter, Lord of the rings Marvel and Warner Brother along with many other children's favourites like the Fimbles and Teletubbies.

Our sculptors take pride in their work and show amazing attention to detail whilst still working to the constraints of your manufacturing method. We aim to fulfil your brief and offer a service, which will help guide you and your product towards an aesthetically pleasing, practical and successful solution.

We are able to develop your ideas into a working prototype ideal when it comes to selling your product at toy fairs. We can also produce high quality masters and paint masters for your production people, as well as painted samples for promotional packaging and approval purposes.

In short we offer the best value for money sculpting in the UK.

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